Hi there — I’m Nikhil Reddy! I make video essays with the help of my wonderful family and friends. My content focuses on education, technology, and personal growth.

I have had the immense privilege of connecting deeply with people who open up about their professional hopes and mental well-being, and these are the experiences that have inspired me to keep making content. It’s the only thing that gets me out of bed, genuinely excited to start my day. Thank you so much for your time, consideration, and patronage.


UC berkeley / may 2019 / eecs major

work experience

tesla motors / software engineer / 3x summer intern

anduril industries / software engineer / full-time

press and media

accel scholars program / tech crunch

How student YouTuber Nikhil Reddy is working to combat loneliness and stress at UC Berkeley / daily cal

tie youth speakers panel / siliconeer magazine

personal endeavors

growth journal / over 400 sold

ultimate engineering e-book / 112 pre-orders

personal growth youtuber / 32,000 subscribers

aspiring designer / i like to design apparel for fun